Vintage Queen Conch Shell Bead Necklace with Cameo Clasp

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This elegant queen conch shell necklace features a beautiful shell cameo clasp and lovely hand-carved beads. Each bead has a subtle pearly sheen with circular striations that reflect the shell's growth. The beads range from creamy white to a delicate blush for a truly lovely strand. 

The clasp is an oval vintage box clasp with a conch shell cameo element set in gold tone metal. The strand is knotted and measures 17" long. Each bead is approximately 5mm diameter.

Conch shell beads and cameos are often mistaken for angel skin coral, but conch shell tends to have a bluish sheen instead of the more red-orange of coral.

When I rescued this necklace, I had no idea it would turn out so beautifully: it was grey with dirt and grime. Gentle and patient scrubbing revealed its true nature. Nothing makes me happier than recovering a long-unloved piece of gorgeous vintage jewelry and finding it a new home!