Sleepy Maple Treasure on Etsy

I’ve been a poet, novelist, and editor for decades, so I know what it’s like to be creative, but one day last year I woke up with a new idea: I wanted to make something without words. Serendipity struck, and I stumbled upon vintage and antique buttons. Finding a new jar or tin of old buttons is like discovering treasure. To me, old buttons are miniature pieces of art. I sort of went crazy collecting and sorting and learning, and when I realized that I had an obsession, I began crafting. There’s something about old buttons that fuels my inner joy. I hope to learn and create jewelry with them for many years to come!

Click here to visit my Etsy store: Sleepy Maple Treasure


Sleepy Maple Vintage on eBay

And because I can’t do things simply, in my hunts for buttons I tend to stumble across all manner of vintage treasure. The best of my finds I’m sharing on eBay so that others can reuse and enjoy the things I find: vintage jewelry, lamps, pottery, and more!

Click here to visit my eBay store: Sleepy Maple Vintage

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